About us

Garden Gurus Ltd is a Christchurch owned and operated company who are qualified and specialise in Gardening, Landscaping and Stonemasonry.

We'll give you a free quote and we guarantee quality, honest workmanship.

We carry out regular garden maintenance of properties, one off garden tidy ups, pruning, weeding, new plantings, transplanting, and we also give advice on plant selection, placement and garden planning.

With a qualification in Organic Gardening we can also offer advice and principles on an eco friendly gardening approach.

Garden Gurus also offers a landscaping service ranging from landscape construction, lawn care, turfing, paving, and building garden planters.

We have an experienced Stonemason who specialises in all aspects of stonework - repair, restoration and new rebuilds.

So for friendly, affordable, and efficient service - please contact us today for your free quote!